Preliminary programme & reminder to pay you dues

Thanks to the hard work of local organizer prof. dr. Armin Stock and our programme committee, the preliminary programme for our 2013 conference in Würzburg is now available. You can find it through this link to the conference website.

Also, allow us to gently remind you to pay your annual dues. Each contribution is appreciated and helps us to financially support those who need it to come to our conference. Thank you for contributing!

Würzburg 2013: Conference site

As you might have read in our last mailing, Armin Stock has launched a website for our upcoming conference in Würzburg. You’ll find information there on the conference location and the program, on accomodation and how to get there. There is also a very helpful document with information on interesting sites, museums, guided tours around Würzburg and so on.

The conferencesite contains a web form which makes registration for the conference very easy. The conference site and the registration form can be found through this link: ESHHS Conference 2013

Perspectives on culture: society, politics and the individual

Ratner (2012)Two interesting books have recently been published by Carl Ratner, director of the Institute for Cultural Research and Education. The first, Macro Cultural Psychology, a Political Philosophy of Mind, explains how macro cultural factors are the cornerstones of society and how they form the origins and characteristics of psychological phenomena. In doing so it articulates a systematic political philosophy of mind and utilizes this to examine current issues and approaches to psychology.

In Cooperation, Community, and Co-Ops in a Global Era, Ratner argues for a societal paradigm shift and details how such a transformation might be accomplished. Taking the evolutionary long view, he demonstrates how cooperative principles can make a social system not just more efficient and less wasteful of time and resources, but also more democratic, empowering, and fulfilling for everyone involved.

Carl Ratner, Macro Cultural Psychology, a Political Philosophy of Mind. Oxford University Press, 2011. 544 pp. ISBN 978-0-195-37354-7

Carl Ratner, Cooperation, Community, and Co-Ops in a Global Era. Springer, 2012. 245 pp. ISBN 978-1-461-45824-1

Würzburg 2013: Call for Papers

We are glad to announce the call for papers for our 2013 conference in Würzburg

Proposals are welcome for spoken papers, posters, workshops and symposia, and should be submitted before March 31st, 2013.

More information can be found in the document that can be dowloaded through the following link.

Würzburg 2013 Call for Papers (.pdf)

2013 conference in Würzburg

Adolf-Wurth-Zentrum fur Geschichte der PsychologieWe are glad to announce that the next conference of the ESHHS will take place from 30th of July to 2nd of August 2013 at the Oswald Külpe Lecture Hall at the University of Würzburg, Germany. Local organizer is Prof. Dr. Armin Stock from the Adolf-Würth-Zentrum für Geschichte der Psychologie, who has been so hospitable to invite us. We hope to meet old friends and welcome new faces in lovely Würzburg!

A call for papers will follow in due course.