New book on the Kinaesthesia by Roger Smith

We are happy to announce that Roger Smith, long-term members of ESHHS, has just published his new book titled as “Kinaesthesia in the Psychology, Philosophy and Culture of Human Experience” at Routledge. The book explores the nature and importance of kinaesthesia, considering how action, agency and movement intertwine and are fundamental in feeling embodied in the world. If you would like to find more about this, please follow this link.

ESHHS 2023 Rome: Call for Papers: Deadline extended!

We are happy to announce that our next conference will be held in Rome, Italy, from 4 to 7 July 2023. The conference will be hosted by Villa Mirafiori in central Rome, which is home to the philosophy department of the Sapienza University. We are looking forward to meeting you there! Please find the Call for Abstracts (extended deadline for submission is 31 March) via this link.

ESHHS 2022: Deadline extended

Dear members and colleagues,

due to popular demand, the conference team has decided to extend the deadline until April 5 for its 41st conference which will take place at the Sigmund Freud University Berlin from August 30 to September 2. Detailed information about the conference, including the Call for Abstracts can be found here.

Statement of the ESHHS board

It is with great concern and horror that we watch a humanitarian crisis unfold before our eyes in Ukraine since the beginning of the invasion by the Russian army on February 24. Since its foundation in the 1980s, the ESHHS has striven to build a truly inclusive scholarly community that bridges East and West, and integrates different language areas and political camps. It pains us to see that these bridges are once again threatened by war.

In the face of violence, our scholarly work may at first glance seem to be of little help in halting events. But even though the ESHHS’s mission is primarily of a scientific and not a political nature, the board of the ESHHS will do everything it can to keep the connections between West and East alive and to foster peaceful intellectual exchange across geographical and linguistic borders.

We would like to express our deepest solidarity and sympathy to all our colleagues in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, but also to all those colleagues in Russia who do not agree with the decisions of their leaders but see no possibility of expressing their views without facing fierce repression. We would like to declare explicitly that all people, from all nationalities, will always be welcome in the ESHHS community for a peaceful exchange of knowledge.

The board of the ESHHS
Jannes Eshuis, President
Kim Hajek, Treasurer
Ivan Flis, Secretary
Martin Wieser, Communications Officer

ESHHS 2022 Conference

We are happy to announce that the next conference of the ESHHS will be held in Berlin, Germany, from August 30 to September 2. The conference will be hosted at Sigmund Freud Private University, which is located at the former airport Tempelhof. We are happy to meet you there! All relevant details about the conference, including the Call for Abstracts, can be found here.