The ESHHS holds an annual meeting, which usually takes place somewhere in Europe. Usually, once every four years it is a joint coference with Cheiron, our North American sister organization.

Next conference

Our next conference will be held at Budapest, Hungary, from July 4 to July 6, 2019. Please send in your applications until March 4, 2019! More detailed information can be found here.

If you would like to register for the conference in Budapest, follow this link. Or use this Registration Form and send it filled out to eshhs2019[at]

Previous conferences

2018 Groningen, Netherlands Conference program and Book of abstracts
2017 Bari, Italy Conference Program and Book of Abstracts
2016 Barcelona, Spain Joint conference with CHEIRON
Conference program
and Book of abstracts
2015 Angers, France
2014 Oulu, Finland Conference program and Book of abstracts
2013 Würzburg, Germany Conference program and Book of abstracts
2012 Montreal, Canada Joint conference with CHEIRON
Conference program (PDF)
2011 Belgrade, Serbia Book of abstracts and program
2010 Utrecht, The Netherlands
2009 Budapest, Hungary
2008 Bari, Italy
2007 Dublin, Ireland  Joint conference with Cheiron
2006 Oslo, Norway
2005 Moscow, Russia
2004 University of Salzburg, Austria
2003 University of York, UK
2002 Barcelona, Spain
2001 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2000 Berlin, Germany
1999 Florence, Italy
1998 Durham, United Kingdom
1997 Budapest & Szeged, Hungary
1996 Leiden, Netherlands  Cheiron-Europe changes its name to ESHHS
1995 Passau, Germany
1994 Paris, France
1993 Poznan, Poland
1992 Groningen, Netherlands
1991 Madrid, Spain
1990 Weimar, Germany
1989 Goteborg, Sweden
1988 Budapest, Hungary
1987 Brighton, United Kingdom
1986 Varna, Bulgaria
1985 Paris, France
1984 Rome, Italy
1983 Heidelberg, Germany
1982 Amsterdam, Netherlands Founding meeting of Cheiron-Europe


Of the first five annual meetings proceedings have been published. Digitized versions of those will be available on this website in the near future.

The proceedings of the 10th, 12th and 27th annual meeting have also been published:

  • Carpintero, H. (Ed.). (1993) New Studies in the History of Psychology and the Social Sciences. “Revista de Historia de la Psicologia” E.C.V.S.A.: Valencia, Spain.
  • Stachowski, R. & Pankalla, A. (Eds.). (1995) Studies in the History of Psychology and the Social Sciences: Proceedings of the 12th Conference of Cheiron-Europe, European Society for the Behavioural and Social Sciences, Poznań, Poland.
  • Bos, J. & Sinatra, M. (Eds.). (2010) The History of the Human Sciences: an Open Atmosphere. Pensa: Lecce, Italy.