ESHHS/Cheiron meeting 2020

The planning group for the joint meeting of Cheiron and ESHHS, scheduled for July 9–12 at Sarah Lawrence College in New York, has been monitoring emerging restrictions and policies related to the COVID-19 crisis and working to explore contingency plans. After careful review of recent recommendations from various local and international agencies, we have regretfully concluded that we cannot meet in person as planned. We have taken into consideration the growing number academic institutions placing restrictions on faculty and student travel, and especially the difficulties around planning international travel at this time.

If you have made travel arrangements, please take steps now to cancel your reservations; many airlines have updated their cancellation and change fees in response to the pandemic. We understand that the Hyatt Place Yonkers is also moving to cancel room bookings. Please contact us if your institution, airline, or insurer requires further official notice of the cancellation of in-person activities beyond this announcement.

The good news is that we have developed a very strong program, thanks to the tremendous submissions and the hard work of our reviewers, and we are considering ways to offer at least part of the program in virtual formats, for those who wish to participate.

The boards of Cheiron and ESHHS are also exploring options for meeting together as a joint group in the next year or two.

We will continue to update you on plans as they become more clear, and we are sending our hopes for health and safety for all of you.

Ann Johnson & Kim Hajek, Program Co-Chairs
2020 Joint Meeting of Cheiron and ESHHS