Cheiron & ESHHS Joint Virtual Meeting

Dear friends and members of the ESHHS and Cheiron,

we are happy to announce that our joint meeting will be held soon, from July 9 to 11. In order to participate and access information, you are supposed to register at the following site: Also, you are welcome to take a look at the Program and the Book of Abstracts.

Registration is free; however, members whose financial position permits are encouraged to pay dues and/or donate to the respective society funds, as a way to support student participation in our activities.

We are looking forward to connecting with many of you online in July! If you have any questions, please email the organizers at cheiron.eshhs.2020(at)

Call for papers: Our Present Crises: Climate Change, Biodiversity Loss, and Social Inequality

Dear Members of ESHHS – Please have a look at a new call for papers for a special issue of Journal of the History of Behavioral Sciences guest edited by Graham Pickren and Wade Pickren. The issue is titled “Our Present Crises: Climate Change, Biodiversity Loss, and Social Inequality”

The call can be found at this link:

ESHHS/Cheiron meeting 2020

The planning group for the joint meeting of Cheiron and ESHHS, scheduled for July 9–12 at Sarah Lawrence College in New York, has been monitoring emerging restrictions and policies related to the COVID-19 crisis and working to explore contingency plans. After careful review of recent recommendations from various local and international agencies, we have regretfully concluded that we cannot meet in person as planned. We have taken into consideration the growing number academic institutions placing restrictions on faculty and student travel, and especially the difficulties around planning international travel at this time.

If you have made travel arrangements, please take steps now to cancel your reservations; many airlines have updated their cancellation and change fees in response to the pandemic. We understand that the Hyatt Place Yonkers is also moving to cancel room bookings. Please contact us if your institution, airline, or insurer requires further official notice of the cancellation of in-person activities beyond this announcement.

The good news is that we have developed a very strong program, thanks to the tremendous submissions and the hard work of our reviewers, and we are considering ways to offer at least part of the program in virtual formats, for those who wish to participate.

The boards of Cheiron and ESHHS are also exploring options for meeting together as a joint group in the next year or two.

We will continue to update you on plans as they become more clear, and we are sending our hopes for health and safety for all of you.

Ann Johnson & Kim Hajek, Program Co-Chairs
2020 Joint Meeting of Cheiron and ESHHS 

Cheiron/ESHHS joint meeting 2020 – 2nd CfP

Dear friends and members of the ESHHS,

the deadline for submissions for our next joint conference with Cheiron is approaching fast! The conference will take place at Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, New York, on July 9-12, 2020. For further information see the Call for Abstracts.

Update: For all attendants of our conference, David Robinson, Cheiron Executive Officer, put together some useful information regarding travels and housing.

CfP: ESHHS session at the conference of the SFHSH in September 2020

Dear ESHHS members,

SFHSHWe are very pleased to announce a new initiative aimed at strengthening international connections between researchers in the history of the human and social sciences. Jointly with the Société Française pour l’Histoire des Sciences de l’Homme (SFHSH), ESHHS proposes to endorse a collaborative symposium panel at the 2020 conference of the SFHSH. See the French and English call for papers for the conference.

The chosen panel will give prominence to research themes which cut across the work of our members and the Francophone scholarly community. While bringing visibility to the work of ESHHS members, it will also promote dialogue between researchers from different national or linguistic traditions.

The sponsored symposium will be conducted in English and will have a prominent place on the programme as a named “ESHHS/SFHSH” panel.

To apply for endorsement, panel organisers should submit a proposal following the general SFHSH guidelines below, and should indicate their wish to be considered for the ESHHS/SFHSH panel in their submission email.

For more information or any questions, please contact Hervé Guillemain, president of the SFHSH (, or Kim Hajek, treasurer of ESHHS (

Sense of movement – new publication by Roger Smith

One of the most distinguished members of the ESHHS, Roger Smith, published a book on the history of the sense of movement! If you are interested to read more about this topic, please follow the link below the description.

SmithThe sense of movement, the feeling of one’s body or limbs in motion, has a rich history over the last three centuries. Differentiated from general touch, linked to intuition of agency, tied to the feel for reality, associated with the notion of force in natural philosophy, close to the sense of life, it has sometimes been called ‘the sixth sense’. Inquirers have re-described it as kinaesthesia, proprioception and haptic sense. Talk of sensed movement abounds in contemporary arts and performance, in the life of sport and walking, and in the sciences of cognition and motor control. This book is the first to place this talk in its full historical setting. It combines original history with philosophical elucidation of the concepts and arguments at work when people say sensing movement matters. The book is wide in range, synthesizing discussions otherwise separated by discipline boundaries between physiology, psychology, philosophy, cultural history and history of science. The writing combines the voice of a scholar with the voice of a participant in movement.



Dear friends and members of the ESHHS,

we are happy to raise your attention towards a Call for Papers announced by the Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences devoted to public history. The link to the full call can be found here. An excerpt from the call:

“Inspired by the crucial role of public history in the formation of collective memory, identity, and critical social consciousness, this special issue will feature articles that describe and analyze public history projects that draw on topics and themes from the history of social science to educate, inform, and create community engagement around social issues.”

Please circulate widely to your networks and any potential authors.

ESHHS Conference 2019: Program Online

Dear colleagues, friends and members of the ESHHS,

the updated program for the 38th ESHHS conference, which will take place in Budapest from the 4th to the 7th of July, is now online! If you want to know more about the presentations and discussions, you can look into our book of abstracts. For those who have not registered yet and would like to come to Budapest, please follow this link to our registration form.